What is SorareMega? All What You Should Know About This Game & Rewards

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Since its creation in 2019, Sorare can pride itself on having a very active community of players. Some enthusiasts go even further by creating sites entirely dedicated to these NFTs. This is notably the case of SorareMega.

This platform is independent of Sorare and allows you to use your cards in several mini-games, with great rewards! I wanted to introduce you to SorareMega through this article

Characteristics 5 side games
Language French
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Introducing SorareMega

SorareMega was created in December 2020 by two friends who are passionate about Sorare. This site allows you to use your NFT cards through two mini-games: Mega League and Dice. Thanks to the Ethereum-based blockchain, you can play on SorareMega with the cards you bought on Sorare.

For the time being, the two mini-games available on the site are for paying cards only. This new game experience is therefore reserved for coaches who have invested money in Sorare.


The different SorareMega side games

As mentioned before, two mini-games are available on SorareMega: Mega League and Dice. Depending on your results, you can unlock rare cards that can then be used on Sorare. Here, I will explain how each of these games works and what the advantages of each game are!

The Mega League tournaments

The Mega League consists of competing against other coaches in a 1 vs 1 format by assembling the best team possible. It’s a fantasy soccer game similar to the tournaments organized by Sorare. You get points based on the actual performance of your players. The player who is appointed captain gets 50% extra points. For the sake of fairness, bonuses and the rarity of cards are not taken into account.

There are four divisions within the Mega League, each with a specific ranking:

  • Mega 3: you must have 3 players on the field regardless of positions. You are not obliged to put a goalkeeper on the pitch.
  • Mega 5: you have to put 5 players on the field. You can choose between several tactical schemes and you are obliged to use a goalkeeper.
  • Mega 8: you have to play with 8 players on the field. You can choose between several tactical schemes and you are obliged to use a goalkeeper.
  • Mega 11: you have to place 11 players on the field. You can choose between several tactical schemes and you are obliged to use a goalkeeper. This division is accessible as soon as you reach level 2 on SorareMega.

The Score Dice game

Each week, the Dice consists of finding the player in your squad who will meet the score drawn by SorareMega. I’ll give you an example to make it clearer: you play Dice and the random score is 52. This means that you have to choose a player who will reach a score of 52 out of 100 based on his real-life performance. So you need to analyze which players are likely to have a good or bad game!

Can you earn rewards with SorareMega?

SorareMega offers a wide range of rewards. First of all, the first 11 players in each Mega League division will win a card: the first player gets a Rare card while the other ten get a Limited card. Each week, there are at least 44 cards to be won in the Mega League, 40 Limited cards, and 4 Rare cards.

In parallel, you should know that SorareMega has set up a level system. Each victory earns you 100 points, which allows you to progressively reach the different levels. You also get a chest containing a certain number of MegaCoins (the site’s currency, also referred to as MGC) for each level you reach. These MGCs can then be used to get a new tactical scheme or boost cards from the shop. These cards often make the difference in Mega League matches! Depending on your victories in the Dice, you will receive badges that will allow you to gain more experience and thus increase your MegaCoins budget faster.

Conclusion: Why should you also play on SorareMega?

In summary, SorareMega is a good complement to Sorare, as this platform allows you to use NFTs in a different way. Dice and especially Mega League are two entertaining games, but that’s not all: the chances to win rare cards are real! The level system and the boost cards available in the shop make it all the more interesting.

Personally, I play Mega League regularly and I highly recommend this game if you like the way Sorare tournaments and Fantasy League in general work. It’s a good way to pass the time while waiting for the outcome of a tournament or an auction in progress!

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