How to Get All the Different Types of Sorare Cards on the Market?

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Sorare is a fantasy soccer game in which players can buy, sell, and trade digital cards of professional soccer players. If you want to increase your chances of performing well at this game, you need to know as much as possible about these cards. To help you in this quest, I’m going to introduce you to the different types of cards that exist on Sorare!


What is an NFT? The Sorare card technology

Often referred to by the abbreviation NFT, a non-fungible token is a forgery-proof digital certificate that attests to the authenticity and uniqueness of a virtual object. Simply put, it’s a digital title deed that proves the uniqueness of your asset. Each NFT is authenticated through the validation performed by the blockchain, a technology that allows the storing and transmitting of information without a controlling body.

The value of an NFT is determined by supply and demand, without any market regulation. Unlike a utility token or some crypto-currencies, NFTs are not interchangeable: each virtual object is unique. In the case of Sorare, all cards have their own serial number and a token ID written in the blockchain. When you buy a card on Sorare, you become its sole owner.

List of the different types of Sorare cards (updated on juin 2024)

Before getting started to play, you need to know that Sorare cards are classified into five categories: Common, Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. Each category has its own characteristics, from the value of the cards to the eligible tournaments and the benefits offered. Below, I’m going to walk you through each of these categories one by one!

The Sorare Common Cards

Sorare common cards are available on the website free of charge. They can be obtained on various occasions, including when you first register and even at certain Sorare events.

These cards are free and unlimited in number. They allow you to participate in the tournaments of the Common category, as long as you have at least five of them. However, you cannot buy or sell a Sorare common card.

Advantages Disadvantages
Completely free cards No financial value
Eligible for Common tournaments No financial value
Play Sorare without spending money

The Sorare Limited Cards

The Limited category represents the first tier of paid cards on Sorare. They can be bought at auctions and from other coaches. It’s also possible to win them in tournaments and to exchange them. The average starting price of a Limited card is between $0.50 and $2,500.00.

Limited cards are limited in number: there are 1,000 Limited cards of each professional soccer player per season. These cards can be used to enter tournaments in the Limited (5 cards required) and Mix categories. 

Advantages Disadvantages
A limited number of cards Paying cards, but abundant
Eligible for Limited and Mix tournaments
Possibility of trading

The Sorare Rare Cards

The Rare category is the second tier of paid cards on Sorare. They can be bought at auctions and from other coaches. It’s also possible to win them in tournaments. The average starting price of a Rare card is between $0.50 and $14,500.00.

Rare cards are limited in number: there are 100 Rare cards of each soccer player per season. These cards allow you to participate in tournaments of the Rare (3 or 4 cards required), Super Rare (1 card maximum), and Mix categories.

Advantages Disadvantages
Rare but still accessible cards Can't be used on Limited tournaments
Eligible for Rare, Super Rare, and Mix tournaments
Possibility of trading

The Sorare Super Rare Cards

The Super Rare category is the third tier of paid cards on Sorare. They can be bought at auctions and from other coaches. It’s also possible to win them in tournaments. The average starting price of a Super Rare card is between $50.00 and $15,550.00.

Super Rare cards are extremely limited in number: there are 10 Super Rare cards of each soccer player per season. These cards are used to enter tournaments in the Rare (2 cards maximum), Super Rare (3 cards maximum), Unique (2 cards maximum), and Mix categories.

Advantages Disadvantages
Rare and therefore valuable cards Prices are generally very high
Eligible for Rare, Super Rare, Unique, and Mix tournaments
High market value for trading

The Sorare Unique Cards

The Unique category is the fourth and final tier of paid cards on Sorare. They can be bought both at auctions and from other coaches. It’s also possible to win them in tournaments. The average starting price of a Unique card is between $550.00 and $15,550.00.

As the name suggests, there is only one Unique card of a soccer player per season. These cards allow you to participate in tournaments in the categories Super Rare (1 card maximum), Unique (3 cards required), and Mix.

Advantages Disadvantages
One single card per player per season Prohibitive price rates for most coaches
Eligible for Super Rare, Unique, and Mix tournaments
Incredibly high market value

The Sorare Special Edition Cards

When specific events happen, Sorare adds special edition cards in the categories Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. Due to their rarity, these cards are usually quite valuable.

To start with, Legend cards are cards of former soccer legends. Logically, they cannot be used in tournaments: retired players can’t score points! In the near future, however, it might be possible that these Legend cards can be used in some tournaments in the Mix category…

On the other hand, all other special edition cards can be used in competitions. These simply adopt a different look than the classic cards, depending on the theme of the limited edition: Player Of The Year, Rookie, PSG 50th Anniversary, Champion Edition, Sunrise Edition, etc.

champion-editions-fonte-card (1)
Advantages Disadvantages
Cards with a different design Legend cards can’t be played with
A bargain for collectors
Numerous special editions

Buying Sorare Card Packs

On Sorare, it’s possible to buy several cards at once. The packs effectively group together five cards of players from the same team. These packs are available in all four paid categories (Limited, Rare, Super Rare, Unique). The packs can only be bought at auctions.

Regarding the two largest categories, it should be noted that there is only one Super Rare or Unique card per pack. In the other categories, there are at least three Rare or four Limited cards per pack. On average, the starting price of a pack is between $0.50 and $9,300.00.

Advantages Disadvantages
A very attractive bundle price There are no packs with players from different teams
A quick way to build your team
Regular offers of new packs

What does a Sorare card look like?

A Sorare card consists of several elements. Obviously, there is a picture of the player and his personal information (team, position, shirt number, age, and nationality). The season in which the card was issued and the serial number are shown in the top left corner. To find out the average score of the player over the last five matches, you can refer to the score indicated at the bottom left. The possible bonus of the card is indicated right next to it, in the form of a percentage. This bonus increases the player’s overall score after a match.

As proof that it is indeed an NFT, all paying cards have a unique token ID number in the blockchain. Finally, the color of the card depends on its value: white for Common, yellow for Limited, red for Rare, blue for Super Rare, and black for Unique. Other colors can be used for special editions.


How to get Sorare cards?

There are several ways to get Sorare cards: you can make a purchase, win an auction, receive a donation, or get a reward! Below, I’ll explain the different steps on how to do it so that you can get your own Sorare cards.

     1.Win cards in weekly tournaments

Each week, Sorare organizes tournaments that you can join based on the cards you have. This is your chance to compete with other coaches, and have the opportunity to win great prizes! Sorare offers cards to the highest-ranked players in each tournament. Depending on the importance of the competition, the cards offered to the winners will be more or less valuable.

     2.Place a bid on the market for new cards

All the available new cards are introduced directly by Sorare. These are then sold according to the principle of an auction: a starting price is set and each interested coach can place a bid with the amount he wants to invest. The card will go to the coach with the highest bid. Each auction takes place over a period determined by Sorare.

     3.Trade directly with another coach in the secondary market

The secondary market operates with cards that have already been won in auctions or tournaments, but with which players wish to part ways. The price of the available cards is set in advance by the selling coach. If you are interested in another card, you can also contact a coach and make a spontaneous offer of money and/or cards in exchange!

     4.Get a free card with our referral link

In addition to offering you reliable advice on how to progress in the game, Ultra Sorare allows you to win free cards! To get started, simply use our referral link to register with Sorare. You will automatically receive a free Limited card as a reward after winning 5 auctions! There will also be competitions and giveaways available throughout the year.

What are Sorare cards for?

Sorare cards can be used in different ways. Some players just collect them, while others use them to participate in weekly tournaments! It’s also possible to focus on reselling your Sorare cards or use them in other available online games…

Join competitions between players on Sorare

Sorare organizes weekly competitions in which coaches can compete against each other. The way each tournament works is similar to a Fantasy League: you win points according to the actual performance of the players in real life. All you have to do is select the right cards when putting together your team! The tournaments you can join are based on the cards you have. For example, you will need at least three Super Rare cards to participate in a tournament of that category.

Win rewards on side games

Launched in 2019, Sorare has quickly become a social phenomenon. The game was able to take advantage of the craze created by Football Manager, Fifa Ultimate Team, crypto-currencies, and NFT. Very quickly, a strong ecosystem was created around Sorare, with some players even proposing new games! As an NFT, each card is unique and has only one owner. You can use your cards to play Sorare Mega, Sorare Academy, Captain Sorare, or the mini-games available on Sorare Data.

Collect your favorite players or resell them

The principle of Sorare cards may seem similar to the Panini albums of our childhood. Some players even collect them. A Sorare card represents a unique digital object and is, therefore, a very interesting collector’s item. Other less nostalgic players, and I am certainly one of them, prefer to pursue scouting and trading strategies. The aim here is to buy cards and then sell them at a higher price.

To conclude

Sorare cards come in several categories depending on their value. These NFTs can be obtained in different ways and can be used in various contexts. In short, Sorare offers you a lot of possibilities: the question that remains is, what are your goals as a coach?

Frequently asked questions

What is a NFT Sorare card?

An NFT Sorare card is a unique digital object. This means that you are the sole owner of it. Each card represents a soccer player and has a certain value depending on its rarity and different sporting criteria. You can use the Sorare cards to participate in the different tournaments that are organized every week. These competitions are similar to a Fantasy League.

How to get a rare card on Sorare?

Sorare cards are classified into several categories according to their rarity: Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique. As for the free cards, they are available in unlimited numbers in the Common category. To obtain a rare card on Sorare, there are several solutions: auctions, purchases from other players, participation in tournaments, or giveaways offered by Ultra Sorare.

How to auction a Sorare card?

Coaches cannot auction their Sorare cards. They are obliged to set a fixed price on the cards they want to sell. Auctions are only available for cards that are entered directly by Sorare.

What to do with a Sorare card if a player changes teams?

In case the player changes teams, you can continue to use the card in tournaments. This is because the points are determined solely by individual performance. You can also consider a resale if the card suddenly increases in value due to the transfer.

Can we increase the score of a Sorare card?

You can’t increase the score of a Sorare card. The only way to optimize a player's performance is to appoint him as captain when you set up your team.

What is the purpose of the serial number of a Sorare card?

The serial number of a Sorare card proves its authenticity and uniqueness. The number also reminds us of when the card was introduced to the market by Sorare.

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