How do I make a payment on Sorare and deposit it into my wallet?

Sorare is a fantasy soccer game based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows you to buy NFTs of your favorite soccer players and use them in online tournaments. The ability to buy your favorite players as rare collectibles and use them to earn more cards and ETH is a revolutionary and exciting concept.

As such, the use of a digital wallet is necessary on Sorare, as for all exchanges involving cryptocurrency.

Find out how to make Ethereum payments and transactions in Sorare with the cryptocurrency wallets compatible with your in-game account.

Participate in trading and transfers by depositing Ethereum on your Sorare wallet

To acquire players, you should have Ethereum on your Sorare wallet. Note that ETH is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

To buy cards of soccer players, you can go to the « Transfer Market ». In this section of the game, you can buy Limited, Rare, Super Rare, or Unique cards of professional soccer players, sorted by the league, position, or performance. Whether it’s an auction or a fixed price, reselling cards you’ve bought or won is a good strategy for winning tournaments and earning Ethereum on Sorare.

Because of that, you need to be familiar with the Sorare wallet system to deposit Ethereum.

Deposit to your Sorare wallet with your bank card

Use Sorare’s partner Ramp to fund your Sorare wallet in €, $, £ with ETH cryptocurrency. This is the fastest way to fund your Sorare wallet.

You can fund your wallet in less than five minutes using a credit card or any other preferred payment method. To do this, create a Sorare account, then choose the Ramp wallet to convert your regular currency into an in-game cryptocurrency.

To go further, discover how to deposit money on your Sorare account using Ramp with a few simple steps.

Transfer from your cryptocurrency wallet

If you are a crypto enthusiast, you may already have a wallet that can hold ETH cryptocurrency. As such, you can transfer your ETH from your regular wallet to your Sorare account.

To fund your Sorare account, you will need to buy ETH and then send it to your e-wallet. Once your e-wallet has ETH funds, all you need to do is connect your e-wallet into Sorare and transfer the funds from your e-wallet to Sorare. Many wallets are compatible with your Sorare account.

Find all the information about the wallets Coinbase, WalletConnect, Portis, Opera, MetaMask.

Buy Sorare NFT at an official marketplace

Sorare is free to join, but you can buy NFT cards to take the most advantage of the game. All of your cards of soccer players are identified as non-fungible tokens (NFT), which means that there is only a fixed and predetermined number of cards available. It also means that the cards you buy, once edited, are no longer modifiable.

You can buy cards of soccer players as NFTs via the « Transfer Marketplace » included in Sorare, but also on other NFT Marketplaces. The best-known Marketplace is Opensea, which contains most of the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Find more cards on the official Opensea page of Sorare.

Why should you pay to play Sorare? The advantages

A « Casual League » is available for players who wish to play for free with Common cards. However, these cards are not rare nor valuable and offer a limited Sorare experience.

The most interesting aspect of Sorare’s play-to-earn is to mix gaming and investment. Building a successful team by recruiting the best players and scouting out opportunities on the card market will allow you to win championships; paving the way for new rare cards or ETH tokens.

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